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Brown Sugar Shortbread

27 Nov


Like it or not the holiday season is upon us. Yes I already have my tree and decorations up and I know it’s not even December. My excuse is the hubby is gone to sea until the week or so before Christmas so I wanted to decorate while he was home. The holidays to me are about family, friends, snuggling up watching old christmas movies (national lampoons is my ultimate favorite!), and baking up a storm. This years first holiday baked good is brown sugar shortbread. This is a super easy recipe that any one can do. Just a few ingredients and some time is all that is needed. It is not overly sweet but melt in your mouth buttery. Perfect for those cold nights that roll in from over the ocean.

Brown Sugar Shortbread (or Scottish shortbread)
*recipe adapted from Bake with Anna Olsen

3/4 cup room temp butter (unsalted)
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Grease a removable bottom baking dish or you can use a greased pan. Mix butter and brown sugar together until fluffy. The key to shortbread is to make sure you really mix the butter and sugar together for a good few minutes. It ensures the shortbread sticks together and also breaks apart nicely when cooked. Add the flour and salt together in a separate bowl then add to the butter-sugar mixture slowly until a crumbly mixture. Pour mixture into greased pan and press mixture together until even throughout. Poke holes with a fork all over shortbread. Cook in oven for a whole hour until lightly browned. Cut into squares or pie shapes while still warm. Enjoy!



Canada day weekend

2 Jul


It was a hot weekend here on the east coast. Sophie decided sleeping in her dirt hole was the way to go.



Iced coffee was a good choice.


I turned a year older!


The storm clouds rolled in with thunder and lightning.


I made a quiet birthday dinner for myself of spring rolls and peanut sauce. It was lovely!