Clean out your pantry Granola

6 Nov


It may be the nesting going on in my house or maybe it was the rainy day but my pantry has never looked so good. I was in Staples the other day looking for the perfect pen. Found it thanks to my friend Harp. Good old bic fine point ink pen. As I was walking around I spotted a whole wall of Martha Stewart organizational products. I had to buy the labels, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucker for stationary. As soon as I got home I went crazy and took everything off the shelves, cleaned them off, and labeled those jars. I noticed I had a lot of random bags of nuts and seeds and fruit. If you have never made granola before you should. It’s a lot healthier when you know what’s in it and you can control the ingredients. I don’t have any strict measurements for you here. I just eyeball and do what tastes good. Here’s my list of what went in this lastest batch and it was damn tasty.

First I melted this in a saucepan over med-low heat:

coconut oil
peanut butter
agave syrup

I poured this over a few cups of quick oats then toasted it in the oven on a tray until golden brown.
I made another small batch of the melted sauce and poured it over a mix of the following:

coconut flakes
chia seeds
flax seeds
pumpkin seeds

I then toasted this mixture in the oven until golden brown. When done I mixed with the oats and let cool. Once cooled I threw in a handful or so of dried cranberries. Easy and good for you! I usually eat mine over yogurt. This is also something to keep in mind for handmade gifts over the holidays!




Busy Times

26 Oct

I’ve had family in town for the last couple weeks. Here are some pictures from our travels around.








Farm Dinner

17 Oct


I was so lucky to be invited to help cook a dinner last saturday for our produce pack suppliers, Jen, Dave, Dylan and Bruce. Along with my good friends Harp and Matt we headed up to Abundant Acres farm in Burlington about an hour away from Halifax. It was a beautiful fall day with the trees in vivid oranges and reds. Jen and Dave’s farm is beautiful. Dave quickly whisked us away on a tour of some of the fields and the milker cows. I have never seen where my food was grown and this was a very special experience for me. Jen asked if we wanted to pull our own sweet potatoes out of the dirt and we jumped at the opportunity.


We were giddy as we pulled massive potatoes out of the earth and took them into the kitchen to wash and cook for our dinner. I really can’t put into words how lucky I feel to have been part of that day. Thank you Jen, Dave, Bruce and Dylan for opening your farm to us and letting us take over your kitchen for those few hours. I hold my promise to come back soon and do whatever you need to me to do at the farm! I also need more of that amazing ice cream you made!!

If you are in the Halifax area please support Abundant Acres by signing up for a produce pack next year. The food is amazing and fresh. It is important we all do our part in helping the local food economy. If you find it’s too much to do on your own split the pack with a friend.

Click here to go to Abundant Acres





Give thanks

8 Oct

Thankful for my family, hubby, friends and that we have the means to put on such a great Thanksgiving dinner. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!





Check off the list

5 Oct

Going to the Public Gardens was on my summer bucket list and something I’ve wanted to do since I moved here. Today I was with my sister and Harp picking up our produce packs and right across the street is the gardens. We decided to take a walk as none of us had ever been.
Being a cloudy day there was hardly any people there which was nice and quiet for us. I just wanted to share a few pictures for you.








Run for the Cure

30 Sep

Today was the annual Run for the Cure. This is a 1 or 5k walk/run in support of breast cancer. My mom was diagnosed last year with breast cancer and thankfully they found it early and she is fully recovered. I did my first run last year and decided this is something I want to do every year. I successfully raised $665! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who donated. It means a lot.


My friend Harp came with me as my little cheering squad. It means a lot to have someone there at the finish line. As much as this is a fun charity event, I wanted to beat my time from last year. Last year I ran the 5k in 44 minutes. This year was 33 minutes!! I couldn’t believe it. I’m very happy with that time and how far I’ve come in my fitness and health over the past year. I think I even inspired Harp to run with me next year. Maybe we can even form our own little team. If you haven’t done this event before I encourage you to go out and do it. Even if you have to walk it doesn’t matter. We should do it for all the women and men who are unable to. When my legs hurt I thought about my mom and it kept me going.



29 sept

29 Sep


~I like this post on family dinners. I really want to be able to do this with our future kids.

~I was so lucky to be invited to a fall harvest dinner hosted by Amy who runs fancy lucky vintage out in Lawerencetown. The food and company was amazing and to top off the night she had bands playing in her living room. Ceti Alpha closed out the night and I left with a new favorite band.

~My friend sent me this because it reminded him of me…makes sense.

~Making this for thanksgiving dessert….can’t wait!

~Also want to make these for a cheese plate.

~Can someone who knows how to knit make me this?

~Warms my heart.

~Running in the Run for the Cure tommorrow in support of breast cancer. Go out and show support!