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31 Mar

Spring is finally here after months of deep freeze here on the eastern coast. I was lucky enough to go for a hike the other day. It was a 5k loop around a partially frozen lake. We hiked up rocky bluffs and through forests with the ground covered in snow. It was a beautiful day.





I chanced it today and brought out our patio furniture. Fingers crossed the weather holds. Our produce pack will also be starting in about a month and I’m looking forward to the weekly visits and the amazing local food! Happy Easter to all my friends and family all across this beautiful country of ours. Xoxo


#22 Lemon Puds

4 Mar

I warn you know as I had been warned: Don’t make these when you are alone as you will eat them all in one sitting. You have been warned.


This recipe was sent to me by my sister when she was down in Australia. I assume Pud means pudding but I’m not really sure. The recipe makes only 3 medium sized puds and would be perfect for a dinner party or a tuesday night by yourself. I feel bad about eating them all but they were so good. Anyways, the recipe is really straightforward. My only difference was to watch them in the oven as my oven runs hot so it took less time. The ice cream on top is a must. I also found out they are good the next day cold from the fridge. Chewy and dense and lemony. Enjoy!