Clean out your pantry Granola

6 Nov


It may be the nesting going on in my house or maybe it was the rainy day but my pantry has never looked so good. I was in Staples the other day looking for the perfect pen. Found it thanks to my friend Harp. Good old bic fine point ink pen. As I was walking around I spotted a whole wall of Martha Stewart organizational products. I had to buy the labels, I couldn’t help myself. I’m a sucker for stationary. As soon as I got home I went crazy and took everything off the shelves, cleaned them off, and labeled those jars. I noticed I had a lot of random bags of nuts and seeds and fruit. If you have never made granola before you should. It’s a lot healthier when you know what’s in it and you can control the ingredients. I don’t have any strict measurements for you here. I just eyeball and do what tastes good. Here’s my list of what went in this lastest batch and it was damn tasty.

First I melted this in a saucepan over med-low heat:

coconut oil
peanut butter
agave syrup

I poured this over a few cups of quick oats then toasted it in the oven on a tray until golden brown.
I made another small batch of the melted sauce and poured it over a mix of the following:

coconut flakes
chia seeds
flax seeds
pumpkin seeds

I then toasted this mixture in the oven until golden brown. When done I mixed with the oats and let cool. Once cooled I threw in a handful or so of dried cranberries. Easy and good for you! I usually eat mine over yogurt. This is also something to keep in mind for handmade gifts over the holidays!




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