Run for the Cure

30 Sep

Today was the annual Run for the Cure. This is a 1 or 5k walk/run in support of breast cancer. My mom was diagnosed last year with breast cancer and thankfully they found it early and she is fully recovered. I did my first run last year and decided this is something I want to do every year. I successfully raised $665! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who donated. It means a lot.


My friend Harp came with me as my little cheering squad. It means a lot to have someone there at the finish line. As much as this is a fun charity event, I wanted to beat my time from last year. Last year I ran the 5k in 44 minutes. This year was 33 minutes!! I couldn’t believe it. I’m very happy with that time and how far I’ve come in my fitness and health over the past year. I think I even inspired Harp to run with me next year. Maybe we can even form our own little team. If you haven’t done this event before I encourage you to go out and do it. Even if you have to walk it doesn’t matter. We should do it for all the women and men who are unable to. When my legs hurt I thought about my mom and it kept me going.




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